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About Us

We are a small team with different areas of expertise located at the University of Saarland and working under the head of Steinbeis.

Why IOL Con?

IOL Con is an international platform for characteristics of intraocular lenses and the optimization of lens constants. Here you can find lens specifications of all major manufacturers and distributors as well as optimized constants based on thousands of clinical results we collect from all over the world. Currently we have 527 IOLs from 31 manufacturers and over 23 000 clinical results for 131 lenses in our database.

IOL Con-Handling for Ophthalmologists

To estimate the quality of our optimized constants, we provide color codes (in red, yellow and green) based on the number of clinical results used for optimization and the mean absolute prediction error, which is the deviation of our prediction compared to a perfectly fitting lens.

If you want to upload clinical results and get personalized constants, use the contact form or write us an e-mail. Postoperative refraction should be done manually after at least three months and with a measure distance of 6 metres/20 feet.

IOL Con-Handling for Lens Manufacturers and Distributors

Get in contact with us if your company's lenses are not listed on IOL Con. To maintain this platform, develop new features and keep it free for eye surgeons, we need to charge you a small fee.

IOL Con-Handling for Biometer Manufacturers

Get in contact with us if you develop a biometer or software for eye surgeons and want to implement an interface to IOL Con. Note our interface documentation below and use the newest version if possible.

Interface Documentation